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Premium quality BRITISH raw dog food for working dogs

British Meat

Sourced from, hand picked and delivered straight to you from Devon.

Choice & Variety

Over 100 different product lines.

Nose to tail

As many different parts of the animal as possible to provide nose to tail nutrition.

Made with passion

We strive to provide the best for thousands of dogs all across the country.

Real Food that Dogs were born to love

Dogs enjoy eating natural, raw food. Chewing on a bone or our chunky minces is what their teeth were designed for and it gives their jaws a great work out. Raw food gives dogs immense pleasure when eating and contributes to improved oral hygiene, digestion and better coats and skin.

From our facility in the heart of Devon, we send over 20 tonnes of raw food every week to dogs all over the country. All meat is hand picked from around Devon, Cornwall and The South West before being packaged by hand, frozen and delivered within 24 hours.

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Raw Dog Food Calculator

If you're just starting to feed your dog raw food, take a look at our calculator. You just need to select your dogs age and size for it to give our suggestion for the type of raw dog food they should be eating.

Raw Dog Food Starter Guide

Take a look at some of our hints and tips for starting out a raw dog food diet.

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